About Prism Gypsy

       Prism Gypsy is filled with handmade items by Natasha Ingram.


    Resin jewelry features real items from nature embedded into epoxy resin. All items are always cruelty free and naturally found (all insects, wings, shark teeth,feathers, etc are always sourced through a naturally found process and no creature is ever harmed to make the jewelry). Resin is a light weight plastic with a glass like appearance. It is water resistant, but it is recommended to remove before bathing or swimming to prolong the lifespan of the piece.

    Medicine bag/ prayer pouches are made from vegan faux leather. Each bag comes with a clear quartz crystal inside. Use to carry small keepsakes, gems or stones, or write down prayers, wishes, or affirmations. Words and thoughts manifest, carry them with you to align  your energy!

  Tarot and Oracle card readings are delivered via email within 48 hours of purchase (usually same day).  

 You will also find other spirit and nature inspired accessories and artwork throughout the shop.